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Latest news is that Pale Horses has launched in South Africa, to some awesome reviews, with a brilliant review from Peter J Earle at Mean Streets who calls it "Another satisfying main-line shoot-up for crime genre druggies, from a South African author who is blooming from terrific to prolific."

Margaret von Klemperer from the Witness also gave it the thumbs up, saying "Jade and David Patel find themselves in a race against time as they deal with sinister and very powerful forces in a satisfyingly tense and convoluted plot."



Emma Caine's path to true love is paved with stumbling blocks. With the wickedly appealing Simon Nel based six thousand kilometers away, she's being sexually deprived instead of sexually depraved. And while Simon is burying himself in work and forgetting to call her, she's attracting interest from another, unwanted source. A rival dominatrix thinks Emma's stealing her clients and she's doing her best to put her out of business. If a turf war erupts, the neighbours will find out what Emma's doing – and then the trouble will really start.
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Folly – A spanking good read

Emma Caine is pushing forty and life is hitting her hard. Her husband has been brain damaged, she's lost her job, and she might lose her home. Instead of giving up, Emma starts hitting back. Drawing on experiences from a misspent youth, she opens a domination dungeon in an outbuilding in her garden and sets herself up as a dominatrix.
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"This is a brave rollercoaster ride that made me laugh and cry. It's a sexy and moving South African story that gripped me right from the beginning. By the end, I wanted to ride the rollercoaster again." – Claire Johnston, Mango Groove.

Pale Horses - South Africa
Pale Horses - USA

Pale Horses

When base jumper Sonet Meintjies plummets to her death from the top of a Sandton skyscraper, her jumping partner insists that it was no accident. Recovering from the end of her tricky relationship with police superintendent David Patel and trying to deal with the ugliness of her last job, P.I. Jade de Jong is initially reluctant to take on the case. Read more »

The book will be available in the US in April 2013, and in February 2013 you can look out for another exciting book launch, which will hopefully coincide with a revamped author website. More on this to follow soon, and until then, happy reading.

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